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Service for Biomathematical and Biostatistical Analyses


The service for biomathematical and biostatistical analyses (BioSC for short) provides advice and support for data management and statistical data analysis to the local community of researchers active in the fields of genetics and genomics. It is part of the “Institut de génétique et génomique genevois” and is meant to be a complement to existing services, and will notably work in collaboration with the genomics platform, the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, and the “Centre Universitaire de Bioinformatique”.

Useful information on data analysis, statistics and computer science can also be found on this web site, which is designed as a kiosk where you can find the most frequently used tools and recipies on these topics.

Examples of the type of help the service provides:

In general, and in keeping with the spirit of other platforms, the emphasis of the service is not in “doing things for you”, but in “helping you to do things yourself”.

The requests for appointments should be addressed to (replace -at- to obtain a valid address) and should include a brief account of the problems and questions motivating the request.